To work safely on a computer or smartphone, you need an antivirus. A huge amount of threats wait for users on the Internet. A separate story can be told about the spyware. Truly saying, they can harm the user’s personal life. Spyware steals confidential information such as logins, passwords, documents, personal photos, and videos. A spy cookie can spy on a person by connecting to the device’s webcam and microphone.

An entire category of anti-spyware has emerged to protect users. They block unauthorized access to recording devices, prevent malicious code from entering your computer, and remove analytics scripts and tracking cookies on web resources. If you take a closer look, anti-spyware performs the same functions as regular anti-virus, but with an emphasis on Spyware. There are programs of a slightly different class that are able to introduce some tweaks into the browser settings, with the help of which spyware scripts cannot start, and tracking cookies are cannot be installed. And some antiviruses are also useful at fighting spy programs. In this Avast spy cookie article, we will discuss the best antivirus for this purpose/

How Do Antiviruses Work?

Anti-spyware works by analogy with antivirus. There are signature databases and a heuristic analyzer. The signature represents the characteristic features of a particular virus. A strain of a real virus in nature can be considered an analog. The signature is unique for each type of virus, which allows the detection of already known threats.

Hackers modify the same virus so that it performs the same functions, but the program code changes. Heuristic analysis works based on the behavior of known viruses. It immediately kills repetitive viruses with new code, leaving no chance for intruders. And the same thing happens with spy cookies if you use Avast for this.

Avast Antivirus Against Spy Programs

The programs previously imprisoned for catching spies are now reporting on the expansion of their duties. So now they catch everything. Can we say that anti-viruses can become anti-spyware as well? Yes, of course! A striking example of a universal antivirus is Avast. The developers provide a guarantee of protection against any threats, including spyware and common viruses. You might think that specialized software has more spyware signatures. But there is a fact that today only 5-10% of threats are detected by signature analysis. And the process of completely abandoning its use has already started.


Anti-spyware programs and antiviruses must be purchased and installed. The additional real-time program will consume system resources, slowing down the device, and reducing overall stability. The more programs, the higher the probability of errors. Therefore, it is essential to find one complex program that will do everything for you. And Avast antivirus is perfect for this. It is able to fight the spy cookie and other spy threats that come from the internet.