Prepare yourself for consolidation risks, micro breaches, and other cybersecurity threats coming this year. Every year, cyber threats are getting more complex. The professionals foresee the malicious email attachments, banking Trojans, and the boom of other threats this year. Regardless if you own a business or are an ordinary user, protecting your devices from these cyber-attacks should be your top priority. Let’s discuss the trends in cybersecurity for this season.

Top 5 cybersecurity predictions

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s better to stay ahead and prevent all possible troubles than deal with the consequences. Knowing more about the threats will help you pick the best cybersecurity solution. So, this year, the trends are:

  • More sophisticated ransomware will add some sleepless nights;
  • Phishing attacks are the main concern;
  • The urge to get immediate threats’ detection;
  • More often attacks for enterprise collaboration platforms;
  • BAS vendors will expand their solutions to the entire kill chain.

Today, we’ll focus on the best solutions you may pick to protect your company’s devices from vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, and phishing sites.

The best cybersecurity solutions in 2020

First of all, you should shield your IoT with FirstPOint’s Virtual Mobile Networks. While more companies adopt mobile devices, far from all treat it as a vulnerable point. Yet, hackers can take advantage of cellular networks. They may use lots of schemes including fake cellular towers, location tracking, and SMS phishing to steal the data. FirstPoint has a program that secures cellular connections. It transmits the data via a secure virtual network scanning the traffic for threats.

Another solution you’ll need this year is Cymulate’s Attack Drill. Nowadays, companies have a huge challenge in knowing the cybersecurity tools they’ve got actually work. A great way out in this situation is to pick Cymulate’s BAS to test the defenses. The tool imitates attacks and tests the effectiveness of the company’s security system. What’s more, the program may test the security of other components like email, apps, servers, etc. The profound report is sure to help your security team detect vulnerable spots and fix them in time.

The third cybersecurity solution in 2020 is the Hoxhunt’s Phishing Drill. Human errors remain a weak link in the defense system. It’s one of the reasons why hackers use social engineering attacks to access enterprise systems. Hoxhunt increases security dealing with this issue. The tool has automated phishing training in a sustained manner. The simulated phishing attacks come with emails to certain workers. Later, the program comes up with a report on how they reacted to the attack.

You may also prevent payment fraud using Signifyd’s Authentication Tool. If your business is in eCommerce, online fraud is always a threat. Cybercriminals often take advantage of the stolen credit card info to buy goods online. The merchants, on the other hand, suffer since the customers usually win when the payment is contested. Signifyd offers a tool that checks the authenticity of the payments. It uses big data, machine learning, and manual reviews to deliver excellent results.