How Much Does A Compliant Cloud Storage System Cost?

The compliant cloud storage system cannot become obsolete, nor can the software, which can always be upgraded without buying new licenses to use it.

Why Do You Need a Compliant Cloud Storage System?

In the context of globalization, powerful information flows and the latest communication technologies are consolidating the information environment. They promote the accelerated movement of symbols, knowledge, patterns of behavior from one society to another, are a source of standardization of supply, and unification of consumer needs. You can find the use of this concept as a synonym for the phenomena of information infrastructure, e-commerce, use and commercialization of the Internet, and more. In this area, you can come across the names “e-economy”, “new economy”. This approach often equates the information economy with the economy of processing, transmitting (receiving), and storing information or information products.

The compliant cloud storage systems provide redundant and scalable access from computers, servers, and other end devices to external storage resources on the public network. They are mainly implemented in IT environments and data centers. A networked storage device can be a simple storage server with multiple disks in a configuration or a storage system that can handle thousands of media simultaneously.

The requirement to minimize the compliant cloud storage systems is the minimum number of copies for the same data, taking into account the focus on multiple applications. These redundant copies are used to maintain connections between data. As an example with, consider the information stored in the personnel department of an enterprise about its employees. The users of this information are the administration, trade union organization, and accounting department of the enterprise. The administration is interested in data on qualifications, professional level, and work experience, trade unions use the information of a social nature, and the accounting department processes the data needed for payroll and tax calculations, other charges, and deductions.

The Price of a Cloud Storage System

Take a look at the price of a compliant storage system on the example of 3 the most popular software:

  1. Amazon S3 Standard – $0.023/GB (first 50TB per month).
  2. Microsoft Azure Hot Blob Storage – $0.0184/GB (first 50TB per month).
  3. Google Cloud Storage Standard – $0.026/GB (first 60TB per month).

Besides, the price of a cloud storage system may vary on the next distribution of data on the place of their use:

  • Copied data. Identical copies of data are stored in different places of use, as it is cheaper to transfer data. Data modification is controlled centrally.
  • The subset of data. Data sets compatible with the original database are stored separately for local processing.
  • Reorganized data. Data in the system is integrated when transmitted to a higher level.
  • Sectioned data. The same structures are used on different objects, but different data is stored.
  • Data with a separate subcircuit. Different objects use different data structures that are combined into an integrated system.
  • Incompatible data. Independent databases are designed without coordination that requires integration.

But look at it from another angle – the fact that your employees have physical access to the cloud storage system already reduces security. The offended employee may intentionally initiate a leak or malfunction. And if you rent hosting, you are already transferring data to a third-party contractor, only in this case you are not insured against server failures and you do not have additional protection in the form of additional servers.