PC Matic review – functions, problems, and facts

The industry of antivirus software is abundant. It’s full of offers from new developers as well as reputable companies with years of experience. When making a choice, many people prefer to consult the Internet and look for reviews. So, let’s dive into the evaluation is PC Matic good and discover all there is to know about the software.

PC Matic brief introduction

The antivirus works on Windows (even as old as XP), macOS, and Android. While the selection of available features differs based on the device, all versions come with optimization tools. They help maintain smooth performance and eliminate glitches in all software, as long as they are minor. There is also a cleaner that removes junk files. Users need less software because this one brings all the optimization tools one may need.

In addition to optimization, PC Matic has the Fileless Script Block and RDP Port Controls. The antivirus has spyware, worm, trojan, phishing, rootkit protection features, as well as adware protection. However, users must download the antivirus core separately from the official website. 

Top facts about the software

  1. The company is based in the USA;
  2. PC Matic fixes small problems with third-party programs;
  3. The software relies on a whitelisting technology;
  4. Developers offers a lifetime subscription;
  5. There are no free editions or trial versions;
  6. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee;
  7. Customers can reach out to the support team via email or ticket support;
  8. PC Matic has the most profound scans ever because the system scans for performance issues in addition to malware.

Main issues

While the lack of a free trial period is a questionable downside, the abundance of false positives is a fact. Many independent tests and users point out that the system blocks many legit programs, files, etc. This major issue is related to the unique technology the developers have introduced. The program uses a list of “white” files that are safe to open. However, until this list is profound enough, the system marks all the unknown files as dangerous.

Peculiarities of the software

The developers use a unique approach to scanning. The software searches for performance errors, maintenance mistakes, and, of course, viruses. As a result, a user gets a complete review of performance, security, maintenance, and stability. It delivers the fullest report (which is color-corrected). All successful tests are green, while the skipped ones are grey. In case the software comes across an issue, the scan will be red. However, one can come across other colors like blue, purple, etc. In such a situation, the software will provide tips on how to resolve the issue or get rid of the problem.

On the other hand, users can narrow down the scan by removing the unwanted checks.

It’s also significant to note that PC Matic doesn’t have a USB scan.

The verdict

As unusual as PC Matic is, the software has a lot of extraordinary features. Its unique scanning mode and whitelisting technology make it stand out from dozens of similar malware protection tools.