Sooner or later, you will start regretting that you do not have a copy of the phone book, SMS messages, photos, applications, and other information. But making a backup copy of your data is, in general, a matter of minutes. Fortunately, with modern software, it’s really fast. Therefore, we decided to consider the applications for creating a backup on mobile devices.

If you used to think that Avast is an antivirus, then know that it is also a utility for backing up user data. It is quite simple, but has a couple of interesting features and is designed for “premium” consumers. So yes, in this article, we will describe Avast mobile backup.

Beginning of Work

When launching the application for the first time, we need to agree to the Avast rules. Roughly speaking, they tell that they are nor responsible for any data loss or disclosure. Without this consent, we will not be able to use the program. However, most users do not even pay attention to this moment.

Next, we need to register an Avast account or log in with an existing account. You can log in through Facebook. Why is there no Google+? A logical question. After all, you will have to enter Google Drive, since this is where our data will be stored. Byt here is how such a difficult process of entering the application works like. You can’t skip it or speed it up.


There are not many options in the Avast Mobile Backup settings. But you can set up a few things for yourself. The first thing we can do is change our Avast! and Google Drive. For example, we can set a backup schedule and limits. You can make that if the battery is low, the backup will not be performed.

Moreover, you can set a PIN code to enter the application, add a number to recover the same password. Finally, it is possible to change the programming language, show the settings items, and hide the premium subscription icon when it is activated.

Conclusions on Avast Mobile Backup

Avast Mobile Backup is a fairly simple and high-quality utility for backing up data. There is nothing superfluous in it, even in the interface. There is only a backup of the information. But for those who do not buy a subscription to the application, its functions will be slightly limited. Namely, there won’t be a backup of audio and video files, as well as applications.

But if you have superuser rights and a paid version of the program, you can also backup these applications. In addition, you are not limited in space. Everything in your Google Drive can be filled. And the reservation itself can be carried out after any action or according to a schedule.

In total, Avast Mobile Backup is just a great application. However, a paid subscription can scare off many users. However, of course, for Android users, it is always possible to use Torrents.